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October 2018:21 countries、31 associates

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●  Medical Coordinator

Networking among professionals for international cooperation

It promotes accumulating and sharing information beyond different types of organizations such as government,

private sector, university and NGO by networking among professionals so that it can make international

cooperation more effective and efficient, by utilizing each characteristics of those organizations.

Promoting international cooperation by social development

It promotes social development activities by participatory local development which requires strengthening on

software aspects such as public health and medicine, primary education and local governance.

Cooperation of local personnel in developing countries

It aims to implement global international cooperation by utilizing local recourses such as people in developing

countries, local firms and NGOs not focusing on the resources only in Japan.

Support for research activities in developing countries

It supports research activities for health care and medicine for the development of developing countries and

other research projects by both government and private sectors.

Promoting private sectors to support developing countries

It extends Japanese private sector’s technology to developing countries and promote private sectors to support

developing countries.

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