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TAC International Inc.

June 24 1999

18 million Japanese Yen

Yasuyoshi Takamatsu

2-24-33, Sjimokodanaka, Nakahara-ku Kawasaki city, Kanagawa Pref, Japan 211-0041

8-17-5, AiOS Ginza 301、Ginza Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061

Tel:81-3-3544-5851 Fax: 81-3-3544-5852

TAC Hanoi office

Tang 2, M-Office, toa nha Trung Yen 1, Khu do thi Trung Yen, Cau Giay, HaNoi

Tel & Fax: 84-4-3783-4075

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Yasuyoshi Takamatsu

Managing Director

TAC International Inc.


I also have been working as an ODA consultant being involved in ODA projects in private companies, UNDP projects and JICA’s technical cooperation projects ever since I was dispatched to Ghana as one of the first batch JOCVs in 1977. At initial stage of TAC establishment, dispatching experts to JICA was its main business. However, TAC has engaged in not only dispatching experts but consulting business as well as implementing various types of projects. In addition, TAC has been supporting Japanese advanced medical research activities in Vietnam.

All TAC’s Associates being very fond of developing countries, have high sense of solidarity by Associates’ network, and communicate each other vigorously. Rather than providing aid to developing countries, they enjoy working together with people of developing countries.

From now on, we will continue challenging more to facilitate our Associates to work in international cooperation. As a result, TAC will become a more comfortable firm for them. I also would like to put my best efforts along with our Associates in order to improve quality of people’s life in developing countries though it may be a tiny hand.

TAC International Inc., (TAC for short), is a consultant firm for
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international cooperation established by JICA expert fellows in 1999 with an aim to engage in international cooperation more effectively and efficiently by strengthening human network among professionals. As TAC stands for Transcend Associates Consultants, it is a firm of Associates (fellows) whose occupation is in the international cooperation loving developing countries. TAC Associates are now working in approximately 20 countries. Among them, some Associates have been involved in JICA projects in various countries constantly since 1981 when JICA used to put its recruiting advertisement in newspapers.